About Keith

Former Army Green Beret

(Silver Star for Valor, Bronze Star and Purple Heart) Keith McKim has a degree in Speech Communication from Metro College, Denver, CO.

He is a professional motivational, inspirational and political speaker, he is a published author, an actor in church and community theater, an amateur singer and poet and an active Republican Party member.

He owns Florissant Kennels in Florissant, Colorado.


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Thank you for your service to our nation I thoroughly enjoyed your CD.

These are truly stories that every American should know! I am an avid reader of Macv Sog material and supporter of our Special Operations Forces past and present. I wanted to serve in the military as a Green Beret but moderate cerebral palsy kept me from military service. I am a very proud son of an Air Force Vietnam Veteran (now deceased) who served in South Vietnam from December 1965 to November 1966 as a ground vehicle mechanic in support of a FAC squadron. I hope you make more CD's about MACV SOG. Thank you again and if you are ever in Arizona you are welcome in my home anytime!

God Bless, Brandon Brewer

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